What Are You Doing This Saturday??? Brad Paisley Tells Ya…

If you’ve ever sat home on a Saturday night, basically watching paint dry while flipping endlessly through the nothing that’s on all 200 channels on tv…Then, you need to read this FABULOUS article one of our readers, Deborah, sent us…In his own words, Brad Paisley talks about Saturday nights…why they are the best, why you need to get out and enjoy em, and why you need to get off your bumpkiss and blare the radio…Cuz there’s nothing better on a Saturday night than listening to the perfect song.

Anyway, this isn’t about me. It’s about you. Say you’re not a musician. Say all this talk of glowing lights and the roar of the crowd isn’t necessarily your thing. Say you’d rather stay home, watching the paint dry. Well, I’ve got news for you: Unless you had your house painted this morning, the walls are already completely dry. Nothing to watch there. Besides, it can be unhealthy to stay home. Your house may have mold. You could have radon gas or carbon monoxide. Who knows? Get out and breathe something else for a while.

So, if you find yourself wanting to take Brad’s advice and get outta the house, but are lacking that prefect playlist…Brad let’s you borrow his…all 23 songs, that he’s hand-picked…Don’t be fooled…the list includes Eric Clapton, Beastie Boys, Cold Play, and John Mayor…along with some Alabama…

THE LAST AND MAYBE best reason to go out on Saturday nights is to play the perfect Saturday night playlist in your car. Great songs are great songs, but when you listen to them in your car while you’re going out on a Saturday night, it’s magic. If you can’t come up with your own playlist, use mine. I picked these songs with careful trial and error.

Read the entire article here…Please…really read it….it’s pretty great actually. Brad proves he isn’t just a song writer, he’s actually got a lot of great things to say. He’ll even give you some advice on which song to play when to really rope in that perfect lady.

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