Sunday Urban’s First Year on Video

Don’t get all excited. I don’t actually have the video that Nicole Kidman put together to celebrate her daughter Sunday’s first birthday. Only their families got copies. But in my mind, it’s adorable. Maybe even set to one of Keith Urban’s songs. I took so many movies and pictures of my first baby’s first year. I had practically a whole photo album devoted to every milestone. There was the Crawling album, the First Attempts at Eating album and so on. My older kids’ firsts were not that well documented. But Urban told the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, “My wife made a beautiful video that covered her first year and we gave that to all the family.” Then they reportedly had a little cake at home in Nashville with the baby who Urban describes as having all Nic’s good features: “The eyes are probably like mine, but she has got Nic’s skin and hair, and long legs.”

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