Rascal Flatts and Dierks Bentley in Columbus O-H-I-O

If you read CMTT at all then you know that I am the resident Rascal Flatts fan.  I don’t hide it and am certainly not ashamed of it.   I have been a huge fan for many years, spent lots of money and hours driving in a car to go see them.  In my opinion they are the nicest guys in country music and their music speaks for itself (10 #1 hits).

Now on the other side of this blog is my best friend Tawny Tucker.  For some reason she loves to give me crap about the guys.  She has a hard time saying anything nice.  I think the nicest thing I have ever managed to get her to say about Rascal Flatts is, AND I QUOTE…..”They Don’t Suck”.  Most of the time I know it’s just friendly banter and we get a good laugh about it.  Other times she is just down right mean.

So here is my feeble attempt to show her, yet AGAIN, that Rascal Flatts are awesome.  If Dierks Bentley, one of Tawny’s favorites, is cool enough to sing with Rascal Flatts during their encore in Columbus then maybe…just maybe…. they are good enough for her to FINALLY give them a fighting chance.

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