Rascal Flatts – “Unstoppable” Review


Rascal Flatts new album has been out for a couple of weeks now - we already know that it’s a big hit with the fans, and now we want to share our thoughts about Unstoppable with you!

Our favorite song on this album is definitely “She’d Be California.”  It’s an upbeat, rockin’ song, full of energy from the very beginning as it sings of a small town country girl who would “be California, if California was a girl.”  The character in the song ”got the long blonde hair, got the red sports car, and you know she’s got the top laid back, she got the movie star smile, got the sun kissed tan…” – with that scene set in the first verse of the song, we knew immediately that this would be a fun summer song!

“Summer Nights” is another fun summer song that we like.  Granted, the lyrics and the story have already been told by virtually every other country “fun-in-the-sun” anthem – “Summertime” (Kenny Chesney,) “Sunshine & Summertime” (Faith Hill,) “Six Pack Summer” (Phil Vassar,) etc. -but RF’s take on a summer staple is just as fun as the rest, and we’ll definitely add this to our playlist to crank up at the beach!

One thing that turned us off to the album is that there was a common theme of loss and yearning for the time gone by.  “Here Comes Goodbye,”  “Long Enough,” “Holdin’ On,” and “Once” all felt like the exact same message, just mixed up with different lyrics and different sound.  The songs are good, but the theme definitely seems over done on this album.

There is another song of loss on here called “Why,” but it’s in a different context.  The song speaks of someone who has taken their own life, and their loved ones are left wondering ’why.’  This song is a great depiction of feelings in a particular situation, and although it may never be a No. 1 hit, we think many people will find comfort in this song.

So those are our thoughts – we want to know if you’ve picked up the album yet?  Do you like what you’re hearing?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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