Kenny Chesney Looks Smaller in Salt Lake City

Kenny ChesneyIn Salt Lake City, a concert just doesn’t feel right when it’s inside a stadium built for sports. At least that’s the conclusion after a Kenny Chesney show there Thursday night (July 23). The Salt Lake Tribune reported that since Rio Tinto Stadium — where Chesney played — was built for soccer, it is inadequate for music. “Despite great acoustics and a huge set with state-of-the-art lighting and visual elements, the stage, positioned at the far south side of the stadium, makes each performer seem so much smaller. Even someone like Bruce Springsteen, or an Old Testament prophet, would feel overwhelmed and distant in such a stadium,” the reviewer says. It’s certainly exciting for the artist to say he or she sold out a sports behemoth, but what about the fans in the way, way, way back? How exciting is it for them? It may be time to go back to putting the music where it belongs: in the theaters and amphitheaters built for music.

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