Kellie Pickler’s Rumor Mill is Picking Up Some Heat

Ok, so I did say that I love Kid Rock in my previous post. Let me rephrase before I go any further in this post. I love Kid Rock’s music and his passion for music. SO – I love Kid Rock’s music! He hasn’t proven to be the best boyfriend/husband material.

Now on to some scoop that Meg has once again sent us on a possible love connection between Kid Rock and Kellie Pickler!

The San Franciso Chronicle is reporting that Kid Rock and Kellie Pickler are happily dating!

Although Kid Rock showed up at the CMT Awards with ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow word on the street (The Globe) is that he was really at the award show to be close to his new woman Kellie.

A source tells the publication, “The romance between Kellie and Kid has been the worst-kept secret in Nashville.”

Insiders claim Pickler was talking about Kid Rock when she recently told a radio interviewer, “I’m seeing someone. I got a man. He’s a great, great guy. We’ve been seeing each other for over a year.”

Oh Kellie – please, please, please say it isn’t so!

UPDATED: I have been doing some fishing around and it seems that Kellie and Kid Rock are great friends. They hung out together at the CMT Awards – with Sheryl Crow.

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Kellie also performed on stage with Kid Rock at Bama Jam this year.  And obviously had some fun with Kid’s Hank Williams Jr. deer helmet back stage!

So the two have been hanging out together a lot lately.  Does that mean they are dating?  NO!  But we are not the only ones reporting this hookup.  Hollywood Backlash, Pop Crunch, Cinemablend and Top Socialalite are also quoting the article.  Again, does this make it true, of coarse not. 

We will keep our eyes and ears peeled and hope that this is just rumor.  Cute little Kellie Pickler has better taste than this and I would hope that BFF Taylor Swift would not let her stray down this path.

UPDATED AGAIN:  I have received NUMEROUS emails from Pickler fans saying that she is still indeed dating songwriter Kyle Jacobs.   Kelly has even been all a Twitter to Kyle as recently as Friday on his birthday: 

(Friday): @kylecjacobs Happy Birthday Love. (Thursday) @kylecjacobs miss you more. (June 14) missing @kylecjacobs 

Note to Kellie, we need a few pictures of you and your boyfriend, Kyle, together. I have surfed and surfed and not found one really good picture of the two of you.  (Thanks to Lowell for the picture of Kellie and Kyle)

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