Holly Williams’ Here With Me Rewards a Long Wait

Holly WilliamsIn my opinion, the most rewarding album to come out of Nashville so far this year is Holly WilliamsHere With Me. I’ve been waiting patiently for it after hearing some of the songs on the Cayamo cruise last year and I’m so pleased with the results. The first time I heard it, I was reminded of Jamey Johnson’s That Lonesome Song — not because they share the same style, but because it’s so rare to hear a mainstream country album that relies on emotion and talent rather than big notes and loud production to get the point across.

Also, I think too many artists consider themselves songwriters, yet after you play their albums you still have no idea what they’re really like. With Williams, though, you can listen to the lyrics of “Mama” and “A Love I Think Will Last” and feel like you have a grip on her personality. She’s willing to put her own insecurities on the line, too, on “Alone” and “Without Jesus Here With Me.” As the daughter of Hank Williams Jr., and thus the granddaughter of Hank Williams, she comes by her talent through family tradition. However, her own music falls somewhere along the lines of Brandi Carlile, Shawn Colvin or Patty Griffin. Here’s hoping that Holly Williams will make a name for herself, too.

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